Industrial Designer
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At age nine I snuck my dad's Braun shaver out of the house for show-and-tell and delivered my first industrial design presentation, shocking my hippie school teacher, perplexing my Montessori classmates and delighting my dad, the modern design enthusiast. 

The rest is history – which includes a formal training in fine arts and a BS degree in industrial design from University of The Arts in Philadelphia. Then, with a fistful of Pantone markers, grit and a dream I moved to California and joined the Apple industrial design group. I was honored to become the first female designer on the team and thrilled to work on a phenomenal portfolio of products. I then went on to design products for some of the most respected brands in the world including Sony, Nike and Revo. 

I've started several businesses, launched my own line of products and I've won more than a few design awards. What drives me today is the design of environmentally responsible products and the potential to apply design into our everyday lives through emerging technologies. 

Susanne’s design work at Apple was always a refreshing take on some very exciting new product concepts. Her flair for finding unique, off beat insights that would challenge standard technology paradigms would often lead to very exciting design concepts. Susanne always had an ability to channel her original insights into some of the more evocative concepts in the studio.
— Ray Riley, Design Studio GM at Microsoft
Susanne is a talented, creative, and detail oriented professional designer. I worked with Susanne at Apple and a startup called S-Vision where Susanne designed our video projector managing to keep an otherwise large object looking light, professional, and fun. I appreciate her passion for all elements of a design, while keeping projects fresh and exciting to work on professionally. A great designer is playful at heart and always open to new ideas and inspiration,...Susanne is all these things and unique in her design perspective, avoiding trends and creating original, fresh work for her clients.
— David Northway, Vice President of Programs and Operations, GoPro.