Color, Material + Finish Design

A consumer’s first impression of your product is everything, which is why CMF is such a valuable and integral part of any good design process. We experience and evaluate objects through a series of conscious and subconscious personal connections based on sensory, emotional and memory-based associations. Color, material and finish design influences these connections in powerful ways.  My design objective with color and material design is to identify and develop the essence and full potential of the product through a balanced approach between art and science.  This process relies on client input, market research, manufacturing engagement and creative acumen of color and material design.

Trend Analysis + Mood Boards  •  Color, Material + Finish Design  •  CMF Development for Production

Susanne brought a lot of experience to the table and offered a strong contribution to the color and finish of Moxxly’s first product. Her research and presentation was thorough, thoughtful, and enhanced our final design heading into manufacturing.
— Gabrielle Guthrie | Co Founder + Creative Director | Moxxly